Monthly Prayer Guide

Prayer is God's activity that requires man's activity to fulfill God's heart desire.

Below is the Girrawheen Baptist Church monthly prayer guide. If you have any prayer or praise request and would like to be included in our monthly prayer calendar, please contact the church (

Never stop praying, especially for others. Always pray by the power of the Spirit. Stay alert and keep praying for God's people.

Ephesians 6:18


August 2022

Today's Prayer: The Seniors meet today, please pray for good fellowship & for those who don't know Christ yet.

01 August 2022 Count your blessings & praise the Lord for them!
02 August 2022 The Church Council have a special meeting this evening, please pray for them to have wisdom
03 August 2022 Remember this day the people of Myanmar & the Ukraine... Pray that God may bring peace... pray for His people there!
04 August 2022 Praise God that Alem is recovering from her serious illness. Pray for Loretta T & Janet E as they recover from recent surgery.
05 August 2022 Pray for JCE & Youth Group as they meet this evening
06 August 2022 The list of those in Nursing Homes grow please remember them in prayer.
07 August 2022 Pray for the Sunday Services: AM service Pastor Isaac (Communion Service) & Pastor Terry PM service. Missionary Prayer Meeting
08 August 2022 The Seniors meet today, please pray for good fellowship & for those who don't know Christ yet.
09 August 2022 Do remember to pray for the Junipers (David & Jenny) in the DRC. There are many challenges in the DRC.
10 August 2022 Pray for Revival in the land of Australia... Let us seek the Lords forgiveness and do pray for our government Federal & State.
11 August 2022 Marnie P is undergoing kidney transplant surgery today please pray for success and for her sister as donor.
12 August 2022 Antony Dondato is planning to pay Australia a visit soon, please pray for his leading of FOCUS in Zimbabwe.
13 August 2022 Let us continue to remember those who are unwell, recovering or in Nursing Homes.
14 August 2022 ECCS 40th Anniversary Service (Lunch afterwards). No Evening Service
15 August 2022 Do remember to pray for Maree & Geoff M as Maree has treatment for cancer.
16 August 2022 Thank God for His mercies to us in Christ. Please pray for Craft & Chat group today.
17 August 2022 Please remember the Wilmots working among the Martu people.
18 August 2022 The School Board meet this evening, please remember Mr. Ken Ridge (Board Chair). Ask the Father for wisdom and good fellowship.
19 August 2022 Let us pray for David & Jenny Juniper (CMS) working in the DRCongo. They are troubled times there, ask the Lord for protection, provision and good health.
20 August 2022 Praise for the Lord for the Karin, Chin & Nuer fellowships that meet here.
21 August 2022 Pray for the Sunday Services: AM Service Pastor Terry, followed by the Church AGM. No Evening Service.
22 August 2022 Please pray for the Morrison family, as they hold Ron's funeral today.
23 August 2022 Pray for those still awaiting their Permanent Residency.
24 August 2022 Remember Carol Davis in prayer as the principal of ECCS.
25 August 2022 Pray for Lorelle serving the Lord with CMI in Qld.
26 August 2022 Again pray for the children and leaders of JCE & Youth group.
27 August 2022 Continue to thank God for the many provisions in this land, how fortunate we are!
28 August 2022 Pray for the Sunday Services: AM Service Pasto Isaac & PM Service Pastor Paul (Communion).
29 August 2022 The Seniors are going on an outing today please pray for safety & good fellowship.
30 August 2022 Remember Mrs. Carol Davis in prayer as ECCS Principal.
31 August 2022 Praise the Lord! His love endures forever!